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Changes to the Entire Suite
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Version 2.3

[Updated versions of the Tag Suite have been released. Current version information is available here.]

Version 2.3 was an enhancement release that made changes requested by the Working Group based on operational concerns. All changes to content models and attribute lists have been made backward compatible. As an example, a new XHTML "style" attribute was added to all the elements inside <table> and the "content-type" attribute was distributed widely to add or preserve semantic information.

Changes to the Entire Suite

Version Number and Date

The version number for virtually all Suite modules was set to "v2.3 20070202". This change was made in the initial comments for a module, in the formal public identifier in the module, in the Suite Module of Modules or the DTDs themselves where the modules were called, and in the XML and SOCAT catalogs.

The only modules whose version number was not changed to "v2.3 20070202" are those publicly available and being used as part of the NLM Suite, as these modules are not under NLM’s control:

Table Module Replacement

The table model being used by all DTDs in the NLM Suite, htmltable.dtd, has been replaced with a later version, XHTML version 1.1 (xhtml-table-1.mod). This later version permits greater modularity, but changes NO content models for table elements. In addition, a new table module %xhmtl-inlstyle-1.mod; has been added to the Suite in order to use a "style" attribute with table elements. The new table model and "style" module are declared in %modules.ent; and invoked in %xhtmltablesetup.ent;. This information is also recorded in the catalogs accompanying the NLM Suite.

Suite Element Changes

Suite Attribute Changes

Suite Classes DTD Changes

The following class changes were made in the suite, and are applicable to the Archiving DTD as they have not been over-ridden in any of the Archiving customization modules. In the module %default-classes.ent;:

Suite Housekeeping

The following changes make no change to the content models of the elements involved, but change the module location of the element or the use of a class instead of an element name in a content model to simplify future modifications.

Tag Sets

These Tag Sets are availble in version 2.3:

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