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Version 3.0

[Updated versions of the Tag Suite have been released. Current version information is available here.]

Version 3.0 is non-backward compatible release of the NLM Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite (Tag Suite). The changes in version 3.0 reflect requests made by users and improvements identified by the AIT Working Group as necessary for the Tag Suite's future usability.

Rationale and Philosophy for Changes

In the almost six years since its introduction, the NLM Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite has grown in both scope and usage. In order to meet the needs of the journal publishing and archiving communities now and in the future, version 3.0 of the Tag Suite had to include some non-backward compatible changes.

In deciding which changes to implement and how, the Working Group strove to minimize the negative impact the changes would have on existing systems. To that end, the Working Group followed these guidelines for implementing changes:

The rationale behind the changes varies, but all were made with the intent to make it easier to go forward. Many of the changes were of the "if we had known then what we know now" variety. Others were changes that have been obvious improvements for four or five years, but could not be made within the scope of normal maintenance because they would have been backward-incompatible and made conversion necessary.

The comprehensive lists of all changes are available in the Tag Libraries for each Tag Set (listed below).

Tag Sets

These Tag Sets are availble in version 3.0:

Tag Library Changes

The version 3.0 tag libraries allow direct access by tag name to the element, attribute, and parameter entity pages. To link to one of these pages, construct a URL with the following content, concatenated without spaces or separators:

For example, to directly address the <award-group> element in the Publishing Tag Library, assemble:

That would make the complete link:

Similarly, to link to the article-type attribute in archiving:

The complete link would be:

To link to the emphasis.class parameter entity in the authoring Tag Library:

The complete link would be:

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