Type of Named Content


Identifies the subject or type of content that makes this word or phrase semantically special.


This attribute could be used to identify a drug name, company name, or product name. It could also be used to define systematics terms such as genus, family, order, or suborder. Similarly, it could be used to identify biological components such as gene, protein, or peptide. Therefore, values may include information classes, semantic categories, or types of nouns, such as “generic-drug-name”, “genus-species”, “gene”, “peptide”, “product”, etc.

The Named Special (Subject) Content element usually causes the word or phrase identified to be treated in a special way, for example, given a different look in print or on display. This formatting may be guided by the Type of Named Content attribute, for example, making all circulatory system words red.

Attribute Values

In Element

<named-content> Named Special (Subject) Content
Value Meaning
Data characters Text, numbers, or special characters used by a content-provider to name/describe some textual content that has a special function that cannot be described by the elements in this DTD Suite. For example, a medical article might use the value “body-system” or “gene”, whereas a management article might use the value “product-name” or “stock-code”.
Restriction: This attribute must be specified if the element is used.