Article Metadata Model


Full content model for the metadata that is specific to the article. Note: This includes both metadata that directly describes the article (such as the article title, abstract, or article ID), as well as the metadata that many MAJOUR-style DTDs call the issue metadata.


MAJOUR-style DTDs split the metadata into three categories: journal metadata, article metadata, and issue metadata. In this DTD Suite, the related element <journal-meta> holds the metadata specific to the journal.


<!ENTITY % article-meta-model "article-id*,
      article-categories?, title-group?, (contrib-group | aff)*, author-notes?,
      pub-date*, volume?, issue?, ((fpage, lpage?) | elocation-id)?,
      (ext-link|product|supplementary-material)*, history?, copyright-statement?,
      copyright-year?, self-uri*, related-article*, abstract*, trans-abstract*,
      kwd-group*, contract-num*, contract-sponsor*, conference*, counts?"