Introduction to Parameter Entities

This section describes each Parameter Entity in the Archiving and Interchange DTD Suite, except those that are part of the MathML, XHTML Table, or OASIS Table structures (for which, see the documentation of those structures). A Parameter Entity is an XML syntactic construct that allows a person to name a collection of elements, attributes, or attribute values so that they can be referred to by name and their members not listed every time. For example, the string “%person-name.class;” stands for all the element components of a person’s name, such as any title or honorific preceding a person’s name, a given (first) name, a surname, and any suffix following the name (such as “Jr.”).

The element Classes discussed in this documentation are defined in this section.

The Parameter Entities are listed alphabetically by entity name. Such names always begin with a percent sign and end with a semi-colon. Each Parameter Entity page begins with a title that contains the entity’s name and a longer descriptive name. Following the heading are multiple sections which describe aspects of the Parameter Entity and its usage. The sections of a Parameter Entity page always appear in the following order, although any given Parameter Entity page may not contain every section.


A narrative description of the entity, describing what it contains or why and when it should be used

Model Information

The entity’s Parameter Entity Declaration


The name of the DTD module in which the entity is defined