Rendition Markup Plus


A mix that names only the simplest of the typographic emphasis elements, as well as subscript and superscript. Usually used in a model that allows #PCDATA and this restricted mixture. This mix may be enhanced slightly in some more permissive DTDs, but should always contain at least typographic emphasis, subscript, and superscript.


DTD Maintenance Note: This Parameter Entity and the related Parameter Entity %just-rendition; have been put in place to restrict the amount of variability that a person modifying the DTD through Parameter Entity redefinition can achieve. Some elements have been set to #PCDATA plus one Parameter Entity, while others have been set to #PCDATA plus the other, in an effort to allow designers to modify entire groups of elements, but not to change similar models individually.


<!ENTITY % rendition-plus "| %emphasis.class; |
      %subsup.class;" >