X - Generated Text and Punctuation


A container element to hold punctuation or other generated text, typically when


This element is called “x” for historical reasons, since DTDs that use an element for generated punctuation have typically called it that.

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  x            (#PCDATA %x-elements;)*                      >


Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more

This element may be contained in:

<access-date> Access Date For Cited Work; <aff> Affiliation; <article-meta> Article Metadata; <citation> Citation; <collab> Collaborative (Group) Author; <conf-date> Conference Date; <contrib> Contributor; <contrib-group> Contributor Group; <corresp> Correspondence Information; <def-item> Definition List: Definition Item; <def-list> Definition List; <history> History: Document History; <institution> Institution Name: in an Address; <kwd-group> Keyword Group; <person-group> Person Group for a Cited Publication; <product> Product Information; <publisher-loc> Publisher’s Location; <related-article> Related Article Information; <string-date> Date as a String; <string-name> Name of Person (Unstructured); <subject> Subject Grouping Name; <title> Title

Tagged Examples

Example 1

In a Keyword Group:

<kwd-group id="h1001">
<title>Key words.</title>
<kwd>Agricultural landscape</kwd><x>, </x>
<kwd>Akaike weights</kwd><x>, </x>
<kwd>amphibians</kwd><x>, </x>
<kwd>geographical range boundary</kwd><x>, </x>
<kwd>habitat loss and fragmentation</kwd><x>, </x>
<kwd>mammals</kwd><x>, </x>
<kwd>niche breadth</kwd><x>, </x>

Example 2

In a Definition List:

<def-list list-type="simple">
<term>AFLP</term><x>, </x>
<def><p>Amplified Length Polymorphism</p></def>
</def-item><x>; </x>
<term>AG</term><x>, </x>
<def><p>Anastomosis Groups</p></def>
</def-item><x>; </x>
<term>BSC</term><x>, </x>
<def><p>Biological Species Concept</p></def>
</def-item><x>; </x>
<term>EDH</term><x>, </x>
<def><p>Enviromental Deterministic Hypothesis</p></def>
</def-item><x>; </x>
<term>FS</term><x>, </x>