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An abstract that has been translated into a language other than that in which the article title was originally published


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See element Abstract <abstract>, which is the original-language version of the abstract.

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Tagged Example

<article-id pub-id-type="publisher-id">0002792-200209170-00001</article-id>
<article-title>Quebec's Bill 114</article-title>
<trans-title xml:lang="FR">La Loi 114 du Qu&eacute;bec</trans-title>
<pub-date pub-type="pub">
<copyright-statement>Copyright &#x00A9; 2001, The Canadian Medical 
<p>When 51-year-old Claude Dufresne, experiencing his second myocardial 
infarction, arrived ...</p>
<trans-abstract xml:lang="FR">
<p>Claude Dufresne, 51 ans, en proie &agrave; son deuxi&egrave;me 
infarctus du myocarde, est arriv&eacute; trop tard de six minutes 
&agrave; l&apos;urgence du Centre hospitalier du Centre-de-la-Mauricie, 
h&ocirc;pital de 142 lits de Shawinigan- Sud. Les portes de 
l&apos;urgence &eacute;taient en effet ferm&eacute;es pour la nuit, 
parce qu&apos;aucun des 60 m&eacute;decins de famille ou internistes 
de l&apos;h&ocirc;pital n&apos;&eacute;tait disponible pour assurer 
le service. M. Dufresne est d&eacute;c&eacute;d&eacute; en chemin 
vers la salle d&apos;urgence ouverte la plus pr&egrave;s, &agrave; 
quelque 30 minutes de l&agrave;.</p>