Type of Related Article

Names the type of article that is being referenced, for example, a companion article, a corrected article, or a retracted article. This is not a prescribed list, but may take any text value. (See suggested values below.)


The <related-article> element describes (and may point to) another article that bears some relationship to the original article. This attribute describes (names the type of) the article being pointed to.

Attribute Values

In Element

Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The article type for the related article, for example, “addendum”. This attribute may take any value, but see the list of suggested values below.
Restriction: This attribute must be specified if the element is used.

Suggested usage

Potential values for this attribute describe how the related article is related:


Additional material for an article, which was generated too late to be added to the main text


Used in an article to name its associated commentary or editorial


Used in a commentary or editorial to name the article on which it this one is commenting


Used in an article to name a companion (related or sibling) article


Used in a correction to name the article being corrected. Sometimes called “erratum”.


Used in an article to name (point forward to) its associated correction (rarely used)


Names a related article in the same journal issue


Names a letter to the publication or a reply to such a letter


Retraction or disavowal of part(s) of previously published material


Used in a retraction to name the article being retracted


Used in an article to name (forward) its associated retraction (rare)