Document Back Matter Elements

Elements used inside the back matter (element <back>) of an article, to describe ancillary material such as an appendix


This is an element grouping rather than a class.

This parameter entity (%doc-back-matter-mix;) has been significantly remodeled in version 3.0 of the Tag Set. For users who customize the Tag Set, the values and/or usage in version 3.0 are not backward-compatible with that in previous versions of the Tag Set. Specifically, in prior versions the %doc-back-matter-mix; parameter entity included the %sec-level; parameter entity, which has been replaced by the %sec.class; parameter entity. This change has no effect on compatibility unless the Tag Set has been customized though the use of the parameter entity.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % doc-back-matter-mix
                        "%back.class; | %front-back.class; | 
                         %sec.class;"                                >

Expanded Content Model

ack | app-group | bio | fn-group | glossary | ref-list | notes | sec