Article Model with Sub-article or Response

Content model for a full journal article, that is, one which may contain not only the text in its front, body, and back matter components, but may also contain sub-articles or responses to the article


The <floats-group> element used in this model is a container element to hold the floating objects (figures, tables, text boxes, graphics, etc.) that occur anywhere in the article proper (not a sub-article or response, each of which is modeled to contain its own <floats-group>), where these floating objects are collected together rather than interspersed throughout the article proper where they are referenced. This element was added to accommodate publishers who like to group all such floating objects together.

Content Model

<!ENTITY % article-full-model
                        "(front, body?, back?, floats-group?,
                          (sub-article* | response*) )"              >

Expanded Content Model

(front, body?, back?, floats-group?, 
(sub-article* | response*) )