Version 3.0

[Updated versions of the Tag Suite have been released. Current version information is available here.]

Version 3.0 was released on November 21, 2008.

The files for Version 3.0 are available:


Tag Library

The Tag Library for version 3.0 is here:

The version 3.0 tag libraries allow direct access by tag name to the element, attribute, and parameter entity pages. To link to one of these pages, construct a URL with the following content, concatenated without spaces or separators:

For example, to directly address the <award-group> element in the Publishing Tag Library, assemble:

That would make the complete link:

Similarly, to link to the article-type attribute in archiving:

The complete link would be:

To link to the emphasis.class parameter entity in the authoring Tag Library:

The complete link would be:

Change Report

The full list of updates is available in the Change Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions page is available.

Available Schemas

In addition to the DTD format, the Tag Set is also available as a W3C XML schema and as a RELAX NG schema. Both are generated directly from the DTD and neither is intended for maintenance. See the individual schema pages for more information.

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