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<!ELEMENT  bold         (#PCDATA %emphasized-text;)*                 >

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<article dtd-version="3.0" xmlns:mml="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML"
      <p><bold>Conflicts of interest.</bold> The authors have declared 
      that no conflicts of interest exist.</p>
      <p><bold>Author contributions.</bold> PE, MF, STJ, EMC, DZR, 
      TS, JSL, and RL conceived and designed the experiments. PE, 
      MF, DZR, STW, CF, and KH performed the experiments. PE, MF, 
      STJ, EMC, DZR, and JSL analyzed the data. PE, MF, STJ, 
      EMC, DZR, and JSL contributed reagents/materials/analysis 
      tools. PE, MF, STJ, EMC, JSL, and RL wrote the paper.</p>
                <td>Functional Category</td>
                <td>Gene or Operon</td>
                <td>&sigma; Factor<sup>a</sup></td>
                <td>Activated by<sup>b</sup></td>
                <td>Repressed by</td>