Specific Use

Specifies distinctions in the applicability of a particular element


This Tag Set does not limit the uses of the @specific-use attribute. It can, for example, be used to mark content (such as a paragraph, note, or section) that:

No particular processing or display is promised by these values; it is up to the users’ application to make any appropriate display versions.

Attribute Values

In Elements

<abstract>, <ack>, <address>, <app>, <app-group>, <attrib>, <bio>, <boxed-text>, <caption>, <chem-struct>, <chem-struct-wrap>, <copyright-statement>, <def-list>, <disp-formula>, <disp-formula-group>, <disp-quote>, <email>, <ext-link>, <fig>, <fn-group>, <glossary>, <graphic>, <list>, <media>, <named-content>, <p>, <preformat>, <ref>, <ref-list>, <related-article>, <sec>, <speech>, <statement>, <styled-content>, <supplementary-material>, <table-wrap>, <verse-group>
Value Meaning
Data characters Text, numbers, or special characters.
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.