Tagging Affiliations

Affiliations are commonly listed for some or all authors of an article to provide information about their company, university or other institution, and their contact information. In print, affiliations are commonly displayed in the footnote area, with footnote numbers or other symbols to identify which contributors go with which affiliations. However, in this Tag Set, each author’s affiliation is recorded as part of an individual contributor (<contrib>).

The element to hold affiliation information is <aff>, which allows many subelements, with the address and address-linking elements being most common. <aff> occurs only inside <contrib>, commonly at the end. If two or more contributors have the same affiliation, the affiliation is repeated for each contributor to which it applies inside each <contrib> element.

In some cases, one or more authors will be designated “corresponding” authors (that is, readers should contact them rather than other authors concerning the article). The <contrib> element provides the @corresp attribute, which should be set to “yes” for those authors.

  <contrib contrib-type="author" corresp="yes">
    <aff>National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of
   Medicine, NIH, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD, USA</aff>
  <contrib contrib-type="author">
      <given-names>Lynne H.</given-names>
    <aff>Consolidated Safety Services, 10335 Democracy Lane, Suite 202,
   Fairfax, VA, USA</aff>