Page Number


A page number (potentially one of many) present on a physical page


The page-num-type attribute is a hook for book- specific processing, for example, to allow one page number to be marked as primary; to distinguish between printed numbers provided by the publisher and penciled numbers added by a library; or to make other pagination distinctions.


page-num-type Type of Page Number

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  page-num     (#PCDATA)                                    >


Text, numbers, or special characters

Tagged Example

<p>In pursuance of this laudable object,
proposals were, in the year 1811, made to the
Yearly Meeting of Philadelphia, from two of
the Quarterly Meetings, to make provision for
such of their members as were deprived of
their reason. The consideration of the 
subject was referred to a committee, who 
sub-<alt-term alt-term-type="hyphenation"
<alt-term alt-term-type="hyphenation"
display="no">submitted</alt-term>mitted their
report in the following year, which was
adopted by the meeting; and, in consequence of
this conclusion, a plan and proposals for an
asylum were circulated among Friends. This
plan was not restricted to the admission of
members only, but included all those who
professed the principles of the society, under
whose care and notice it was to be wholly