The Kipling Subset DTD

The two files in this directory make the Kipling Subset DTD, which is a subset of the NLM Journal Publishing DTD version 3.0 (

kipling-jp3.dtd references subset_xhtmltable.ent.

Use the following DOCTYPE Declaration in your files if you will be hitting the DTD from the server here:

	<!DOCTYPE article SYSTEM "">

No character entities have been defined for this model. On 12/8/2011 we added the character entities defined in the Journal Publishing 3.0 model. These character names will be compatible with the HTML character names. If you do not wish to use the named character entities or need a character that is not defined in this set, use UnicodeTM characters and UTF-8 encoding.

Lightweight documentation is available here.

Linking directly to kipling-jp3.dtd in a web browser will most likely display an error. This doesn't mean that there is a problem with the DTD, it is just that you don't have your browser set up to read DTD files as text files. This is not a big deal. Simply view or save the source of the page and you will see the entire file.

If you download kipling-jp3.dtd to run locally, don't forget to grab the table file, subset_xhtmltable.ent and the three directories of character entity declarations: xmlchars, iso8879, and iso9573-13.

Or, you can grab this file and unzip it on your system:

Contact me with any problems jeffbeck[[AT]]

Jeff Beck

Schematron version available 7/5/2012

The article model described in the kipling subset of the Journal Publishing 3 dtd can also be tested with a Schematron available here: kipling-jp3.sch.

NOTE: If an xml file contains named character entities, it will not be well-formed without referenceing the DTD.

W3C Schema (XSD) version available 7/13/2012

It is available here: kipling-jp3.xsd and includes/imports the following files:

Created with Trang.

RELAX NG (RNG) version available 7/13/2012

It is available here: kipling-jp3.rng and includes/imports the following files:

Created with Trang.


2014-05-21 <institution> is allowed in <aff> in DTD, RNG, XSD schemas.