PMC Journal Matter DTD

The PMC Journal Matter DTD version 1.0 captures journal front matter, such as editorial boards and publisher information, in an XML format to be submitted to PMC.

The root element for all journal front matter content is: journalmatter. Click here to view the documentation for the pmc-journalmatter.dtd in its entirety.

The Basics for Tagging with the pmc-journalmatter.dtd

All documents must be assigned a @journalmatter-type: issue or standing:

Several different document types are defined within the content. They include:

Document Type Description Tagged Sample
Cover can include cover image, caption, and cover image copyright information. cover sample
Editorial Board can include executive editors, associate editors, etc. as well as general editorial board members. editoral board sample
General Journal Information can include but is not limited to jounal mission statement, scope, journal contact information, subscription information, copyright and other journal-specific content. general journal information sample
Publisher Information can include publisher philosophy, other journals published, contact information, etc. publisher information sample
Information for Authors can include article submission and formatting instructions. Information for Authors

The public identifier for the DTD is:

        -//NCBI//PMC JOURNAL MATTER DTD v1.0 20120907//EN

When creating XML files for submission, use the following DOCTYPE Declaration:

	<!DOCTYPE journalmatter PUBLIC "-//NCBI//PMC JOURNAL MATTER DTD v1.0 20120907//EN" "pmc-journalmatter.dtd">

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