Table Cell Alignment Character (OASIS Table Model)


The character to be used in horizontal text alignment of the contents of an entry in a table. The content of a table cell is to be aligned horizontally based on the character named in this attribute, for example, alignment on a period for decimal alignment or on an equal sign for alignment of variables.


Character alignment is set using three attributes:

  1. align is set to “char”;
  2. char contains the character to use for the aligning, for example, a decimal point “.” or equal sign “=”; and
  3. charoff contains the percent of the current column width to the left of the (left edge of the) alignment character, for example, “30”.

The official OASIS Exchange CALS Table Model documentation can be found at

Attribute Values

In Elements

<oasis:colspec> Column Specification (OASIS Table Model)
<oasis:entry> Table Entry (OASIS Table Model)
Value Meaning Behavior
A data character or group of characters Text, numbers, or special characters that will be used for alignment When used in conjunction with the attribute align="char", the contents of the table entry are aligned relative to the character specified by this attribute.
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.