Column Name (OASIS Table Model)


The name of one of the columns of a table, used to identify it for column assignment and column spanning (See related attributes namest and nameend.)


Horizontal spanning in tables is accomplished by placing the content to be spanned in a table cell (<oasis:entry>) and using its namest and nameend attributes to indicate the column on which the span should start and the column on which the span should end (inclusive). Both attributes indicate a column by column name (the content of the colname attribute).


The official OASIS Exchange CALS Table Model documentation can be found at

Attribute Values

In Elements

<oasis:colspec> Column Specification (OASIS Table Model)
<oasis:entry> Table Entry (OASIS Table Model)
Value Meaning
A name An alphanumeric string, which may begin with either a letter or a number, that acts as a name for referencing the column
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.