Type of Footnote


For those footnotes known to point to a particular type of information, this attribute names the type of material being stated in the footnote. This could be a means of preserving, for example, the information that a contributor is on leave of absence.

Attribute Values

In Element

<fn> Footnote
Value Meaning
abbr Abbreviations.
com Communicated-by information.
con Contributed-by information.
conflict Conflict of interest statements.
corresp Corresponding author information is not identified separately but is merely a footnote.
current-aff Contributor’s current affiliation.
deceased Person has died since article was written.
edited-by Contributor has the role of an editor.
equal Contributed equally to the creation of the document.
financial-disclosure Statement of funding or denial of funds received in support of the research on which an article is based.
on-leave Contributor is on sabbatical or other leave of absence.
participating-researchers Contributor was a researcher for an article.
present-address Contributor’s current address.
presented-at Conference, colloquium, or other occasion at which this paper was presented.
presented-by Contributor who presented the material.
previously-at Contributor’s previous location or affiliation.
study-group-members Contributor was a member of the study group for the research.
supplementary-material Points to or describes supplementary material for the article.
supported-by Research upon which an article is based was supported by some entity.
other Some footnote type, other than those enumerated.
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.