Annotation in a Citation


Information concerning the cited work in bibliographic references <citation> and <nlm-citation>. For the intent, see Remarks below.


Although most citations simply provide the bibliographic information for a cited reference, a few describe the work, categorize the work, comment upon the nature or quality of the work, or summarize its findings. The <annotation> is intended to hold such comments.

Display Note: All of the other reference elements are inline elements. In contrast, an Annotation in a Citation is typically presented as a block element, with space before and after it.

Related Elements

This element is not related to the MathML <mml:annotation> element, which is a mathematical term only used with equations.

Model Description

The following:

Tagged Example

<ref id="B27">
<article-title>Functional discovery via a compendium
of expression profiles.</article-title>
<p>This report is the most extensive DNA expression
profile of yeast genes. It examines the expression
pattern of the whole yeast genome in 300 mutant
strains. It infers the function of many unknown
genes comparing profiles among the different