DTD Section

Copies of both the Journal Publishing DTD and its Customization Modules (the two files that make up the DTD proper) and the full Archiving and Interchange DTD Suite of XML DTD modules described in this Tag Library.

DTD Files:

Journal Publishing DTD

Archiving and Interchange DTD Suite Module to Name the Modules

Journal Publishing Customization Module

Common (Shared) Elements Module

Article Metadata Elements

Back Matter Elements

Display Class Elements

Format Class Elements

Journal Metadata Elements

Link Class Elements

List Class Elements

Math Class Elements

Paragraph-Like Elements

Subject Phrase Class Elements

Bibliographic Reference (Citation) Class Elements

Section Class Elements

MathML Setup Module

MathML 2.0 DTD

XHTML Table Setup Module

XHTML Table Model

XML Special Characters Module

Custom Special Characters Module

Notation Declarations