Just Rendition


In the base DTD Suite, this Parameter Entity names an element mix containing only the simplest of the typographic emphasis elements, as well as those for subscript and superscript, for use in models allowing data characters and this restricted mixture. In this Journal Publishing DTD, this has been over-ridden to disallow any typographic elements.


This Parameter Entity is currently set as a null string, i.e., there is no string content. However, a customization module could redefine this Parameter Entity, thereby adding elements to element content models containing the %just-rendition; Parameter Entity.

DTD Maintenance Note: This Parameter Entity and the related Parameter Entity %rendition-plus; have been put in place to restrict the amount of variability a person modifying the DTD through Parameter Entity redefinition can achieve. Some elements have been set as #PCDATA plus one Parameter Entity, while others have been set to #PCDATA plus the other, in an effort to allow designers to modify entire groups of elements, but not change similar models individually.


<!ENTITY % just-rendition
                        " "                                          >