Version 1.1

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The files for Version 1.1 are available:


Tag Library

The Tag Library for version 1.1 is here:

Change Report

Version 1.1 of the Journal Publishing Tag Set is a fully backward compatible revision of the Journal Publishing Tag Set. That is, all documents that were valid according to version 1.0 of the Tag Set will also be valid according to version 1.1.

The Tag Set was changed based on experience using the Tag Set. Some users have been converting articles tagged according to other DTDs into Archiving and Interchange articles and found that they had to lose information (such as semantic identification of some sections) in the transformation. The changes to the Tag Set are largely to allow preservation of such information.

The changes include:

Media Object

Added a new element, <media>, that has the same content as <graphic> and can be used wherever <graphic> can be used, but indicates a Media Object, such as an animation or a movie.

Journal Title (Full)

Added a new optional repeatable element Journal Title (Full) (<journal-title>) to the journal metadata, just before the abbreviated title.

Label (of a Figure, Reference, Etc.)

Added optional element <label> to the front of the model <chem-struct>. This label should be treated as a format over-ride and documented accordingly. It should NOT be used in the ordinary course of tagging.

Named Special (Subject) Content

The previous <named-content> element was a small phrase-level structure, intended to surround words or phrases in the text and provide semantic tagging that was beyond the elements in the Tag Suite.

Its model was expanded to include most of the other phrase-level structures, including the Display Class Elements and Inline Display Class Elements.

Table Data Cell (XHTML table model) and Table Header Cell (XHTML table model)

Modified content models of <td> and <th> to include Phrase Class Elements (currently <named-content>).

Array (Simple Tabular Array)

Modified content model of <array> to permit multiple <graphic> and <media> elements.

Private Character (Custom or Unicode)

Modified content model of <private-char> to permit multiple <inline-graphic> elements.

Alternate Form of Graphic, Media Object, Etc.

Added alternate-form-of attribute to permit an alternate form of certain elements. There may be a graphic form of an element as well as a tagged form, a TeX form as well as a tagged form, different resolutions of the same graphic, etc. (This attribute should not to be confused with the attribute Alternate Version of a Graphic. Unlike alt-version which simply indicates whether an alternate version exists, alternate-form-of provides linkage between various forms of an object.)

Elements include most of the Display Class Elements, the math elements, and the table elements, as well as a number of inline display elements:

  • <array>

  • <chem-struct>

  • <graphic>

  • <inline-graphic>

  • <media>

  • <supplementary-material>

  • <disp-formula>

  • <inline-formula>

  • <mml:math>

  • <tex-math>

  • <table>

  • <inline-supplementary-material>

(Display Class Elements not included are <boxed-text>, <chem-struct-wrapper>, <fig>, <fig-group>, <table-wrap>, and <table-wrap-group>.)

Mime Type and Mime Subtype

Added optional mimetype and mime-subtype attributes to <graphic>, <inline-graphic>, <media>, <inline-supplementary-material>, and <supplementary-material>. Value is a list of the valid mimetypes.

Type of Named Content

Added an optional content-type attribute to the following structures as a way to preserve any semantic intent of their original tagging:

  • <ack>

  • <array>

  • <boxed-text>

  • <chem-struct>

  • <chem-struct-wrapper>

  • <fig-group>

  • <inline-supplementary-material>

  • <p>

  • <speech>

  • <statement>

  • <supplementary-material>

  • <table>

  • <table-wrap>

(Elements <def-list>, <fig>, <list>, <preformat>, and <sec> already had designated attributes for preserving semantic content.)


Attributes of type ID added to:

  • <ack>

  • <address>

  • <alt-text>

  • <array>

  • <chem-struct>

  • <corresp>

  • <def-item>

  • <disp-quote>

  • <ext-link>

  • <inline-formula>

  • <inline-graphic>

  • <inline-supplementary-material>

  • <institution>

  • <long-desc>

  • <named-content>

  • <notes>

  • <p>

  • <speech>

  • <table>

  • <verse-group>

  • <xref>

(Elements <def-list>, <fig>, <list>, <preformat>, and <sec> already had designated attributes for preserving semantic content.)

Type of Target

Added a target-type attribute to the element Target of an Internal Link to say why there is a target in a document at this point.

Version of the Set

Changed fixed value of dtd-version attribute to "1.1"

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions page is available.

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