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All of the tools described on this page are in the public domain.

NOTE:  These tools were designed to be used with the Journal Article tag sets only.
    They are not intended for use with the NCBI Book tag set.

Tools for Version 3.0

Preview XSLT

The Preview XSLT is designed to convert data tagged in version 3.0 of the Journal Publishing Tag Set to HTML or XSL-FO. The stylesheets for generating both output forms are available on the FTP site as a single zip

In addition to the stylesheets, the package contains three documents that provide full instructions for setting up and using the tools. Each of these documents is available as XML, HTML, and PDF. The HTML and PDF formats were generated from the XML using the Preview stylesheets.

To use the stylesheets to generate either HTML or XSL-FO, you will need an XSLT processor. To generate PDF or any other format from the XSL-FO, you will need an XSL-FO engine. Neither is included in this package nor provided through the NLM.

Conversion to v3.0

NLM has created an XSL transform that converts data in any version of the Archiving Tag Set into version 3.0 of the Tag Set. Information about customizing and using the transform is available in the transform’s documentation. The transform is available in the FTP directory:

Tools for Previous Versions

The following tools work only with versions of the Tag Set prior to 3.0. NLM will release versions of these tools to work with 3.0 as they become available.

Preview XSLT

This tool is designed to let you convert your XML data coded in the Archiving and Interchange DTD suite into HTML. It includes an XSL transform that converts XML to HTML and a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that formats the HTML document. The CSS can be easily edited to accomodate your own formatting styles.

The files for this tool are available for download on the FTP directory. To complete the XML to HTML conversion, you'll need an XSLT processor.

A static version of the basic CSS is available on the Web at If you choose not to alter the CSS, you can point your HTML documents directly to that URL. However, if you do choose to alter the CSS you'll need to maintain your own local copy of the stylesheet.

Preview XSL-FO

The NLM/NCBI article-fo.xsl stylesheet is intended to provide a way to make readable formatted pages from articles tagged using version 1.1 of the Publishing DTD of the NLM Archiving and Interchange Suite.

The stylesheet creates an XSL-FO document which can be rendered with an XSL-FO engine to pages (typically in PDF format).

The files for this tool are available for download on the FTP directory. To complete the XML to XSL-FO conversion, you'll need an XSLT processor and to complete the XSL-FO to PDF conversion, you'll need an XSL-FO engine.

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