Role of the Link


Provides a URI reference pointing to some resource that describes the role or function of a link.

Attribute Values

In Elements

<abbrev> Abbreviation or Acronym
<bio> Biography
<chem-struct> Chemical Structure (Display)
<citation> Citation
<collab> Collaborative (Group) Author
<contrib> Contributor
<email> Email Address
<ext-link> External Link
<graphic> Graphic
<inline-graphic> Graphic, Inline
<inline-supplementary-material> Inline Supplementary Material
<institution> Institution Name: in an Address
<named-content> Named Special (Subject) Content
<product> Product Information
<related-article> Related Article Information
<self-uri> URI for This Same Article Online
<supplementary-material> Supplementary Material
<uri> Uniform Resource Indicator (URI)
Value Meaning
Data characters The URI of a resource that describes the role, reason, or rationale for the link.
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.