Array (Simple Tabular Array)


Defines an arrangement of material in rows and columns that is not a true table but merely a small block of one or more rows and columns in the flow of the narrative, typically presented as a block with space before it and after it. (Uses the XHTML table body element or a graphic to express the rows and columns.)


Display Note: Array (Simple Tabular Array)s are not allowed to float; they are tied to their position in the text. True tables are allowed to float in text or be anchored, as determined by the value of their position attribute

Authoring Note: While this element contains an optional Label (of a Figure, Reference, Etc.) element, the Label (of a Figure, Reference, Etc.) element should be included only in those circumstances where a formatting override is needed; Label (of a Figure, Reference, Etc.) should NOT be used in the ordinary course of tagging.


alternate-form-of Alternate Form of Graphic, Media Object, Etc.
content-type Type of Named Content
id Identifier
xml:lang Language

Related Elements

Conversion Note: Array (Simple Tabular Array)s have neither labels, titles, nor captions; row and column material that has labels, titles, or captions should be tagged as a table (element Table Wrapper <table-wrap>). A graphic containing simple tabular material that occurs within a paragraph or between two paragraphs should be tagged as an <array>, not merely as a loose <graphic> or as a <fig> or <table>.

Model Description

The following, in order:

Tagged Example

<p><italic>Goniocyclus hannibalensis</italic> is founded on specimens that 
cannot be related to a precise stratgraphic position within the excavated 
succession; consequently faunal relationships cannot be expressed with certainty. 
...Preliminary reports of the ancestral 
<italic>Goniocyclus</italic> species are described as:
<td><sc>Goniatitina</sc> (Hyatt, 1884)</td>
<td><sc>Pericyclaceae</sc> (Hyatt, 1900)</td>
<td><sc>Pericyckidae</sc> (Hyatt, 1900)</td>
<td><sc>Goniocyclus</sc> (Gordon, 1986)</td>
<td>Type Species</td>
<td><italic>Goniatites blairi</italic> (Miller and Gurley, 1896)</td>