Horizontal Alignment (XHTML table model; OASIS table model)


See documentation for the HTML 4.0 (XHTML) table model or OASIS (CALS) Exchange table model (XML version), dependent upon element involved.


The align attribute is used for aligning values in table cells on a particular character within each cell, frequently the decimal point. Alignment on a particular character requires that three attributes be set in the document:

  1. The align attribute value is set to the word “char”.
  2. The char attribute value is set to the actual character to use for the aligning, for example, a decimal point, “.”.
  3. The charoff attribute value is set to the percent of the current column width to the left of the (left edge of the) alignment character, for example, “30”.

Attribute Values

In Elements

<col> Table Column (XHTML table model)
<colgroup> Table Column Group (XHTML table model)
<tbody> Table Body (XHTML table model)
<td> Table Data Cell (XHTML table model)
<tfoot> Table Footer (XHTML table model)
<th> Table Header Cell (XHTML table model)
<thead> Table Header (XHTML table model)
<tr> Table Row (XHTML table model)
Value Meaning
center Center the cell contents
char Align on the character identified with the char attribute
justify Full justify cell contents (right and left justification)
left Left justify cell contents
right Right justify cell contents
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.