Within a bibliographic reference (<citation>), the <source> is the title of a journal, book, conference proceedings, etc., that contains (is the source of) the material which is being cited


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Related Elements

Within a bibliographic reference (<citation>), the <source> element is the title of the container being referenced, such as a journal or a book, and the title of the article within the journal or proceedings that is being cited is contained in an <article-title> element.

Model Description

Any combination of:

Tagged Examples

Example 1

Title of a book

  <ref id="B1">
  <citation><collab>Research Unit of the Royal
  College of Physicians and British Geriatric Society</collab>
  <source>Geriatric day hospitals: their role
  and guidelines for good practice.</source>

Example 2

Title of a journal

  <ref id="B8"><label>8</label>
  <article-title>Effects and costs of day-care
  services for the chronically ill: a randomized
  <source>Medical Care</source>
  <pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">6772889</pub-id>