String Conference Name

The <string-conf> element can be used to capture the sequence and flow of an extended conference name, even if the conference has a short name such as “SigCat 2008”. Such extended names are typically found on the cover of the proceedings or the splash page of the website for the conference. For example, if the cover of the proceedings says, “The Learned Society’s Conference on What’s Hot at the University of Wherever on 21–27 July 2009”, that entire phrase could be tagged as the content of a <string-conf> element, while the conference name could also be recorded more formally as “What’s Hot 2009” inside the <conf-name> element.


Best practice is to identify a conference as completely as possible using the individual conference elements (<conf-name>, <conf-sponsor>, <conf-date>, etc.) and to use <string-conf> only in the rare cases where documentation such as the proceedings volume or a program suggests a fuller title. Although there is nothing in this Tag Set to prevent an archive or publisher from using only <string-conf> and not tagging the conference name, year, etc., separately, this is not recommended.

Conversion Note: Use this element if some conference parts are unknown or untagged. Using the <string-conf> element is better practice than merely leaving conference information untagged.

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  string-conf  (#PCDATA %string-conf-elements;)*            >

Expanded Content Model

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Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<conference>, <string-conf>


<article-title>HIV/AIDS intervention program in the prisons
communities in Nigeria</article-title>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<conf-date>14 August 2006</conf-date>
<string-conf>&rdquo;HIV/AIDS in Prison: A Comprehensive
Response,&ldquo; Satellite meeting at the <conf-name>XVI
International AIDS Conference</conf-name></string-conf>
<conf-name>HIV/AIDS in Prison: A Comprehensive Response</conf-name>
<conf-acronym>AIDS 2006</conf-acronym>
<conf-loc>Toronto, Canada</conf-loc>
<conf-theme content-type="conference">Time to Deliver</conf-theme>
<conf-sponsor content-type="satellite">Public Health Agency
of Canada</conf-sponsor>
<conf-sponsor content-type="satellite">United Nations Office
on Drugs and Crime</conf-sponsor>
<conf-sponsor content-type="conference">Government of Canada</conf-sponsor>
<conf-sponsor content-type="conference">Swedish International
Development Agency (Sida)</conf-sponsor>