Digital Edition Metadata


Container element to hold the metadata pertaining to the electronic transcription (digital edition) of a work, as opposed to the metadata about the work itself


Many of the elements in the digital edition metadata are identical to elements in the book metadata (<book-meta>), but their content will refer to the electronic XML copy of the book, not to the work as a whole or to the specific printed volume. For example, the <contributor> element in the book metadata will name the book’s author, editor, illustrator, or other person in some primary creative role. In contrast, the <contributor> in the digital edition metadata began his or her effort with a particular print volume and has played a role in the transcription, annotation, emendment, translation, etc. of that printed book for the electronic archives.

The content of this element should only be used to record information that is different between the print and electronic editions, for example, where:

Related Elements

A book <book> may be divided into five parts:

  1. book metadata, that is, data about the book, such as the title and author (<book-meta>);
  2. metadata about the digital edition of a book, such the editor and date of transcription (<digital-edition-meta>);
  3. textual material that precedes the actual contents of a book, for example, author biographical information or a preface (<book-front>);
  4. the textual and graphical content of the book (<body> ); and
  5. ancillary information such as a glossary, reference list, or appendix that follows the body of the book (<back> ).

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  digital-edition-meta
                        %digital-edition-meta-model;                 >


The following, in order:

Tagged Example

<book-id pub-id-type="other">walhn1-digital</book-id>
<contrib contrib-type="editor">
<date date-type="edited">
<p>Electronic text for Medicine in the Americas</p>