Document Hierarchy Diagrams

This section contains diagrams of document structures defined by and specific to the NCBI Historical DTD. Diagrams for elements declared in either the Book DTD or the base Suite are not included, unless they are necessary to give context for a new historical element; for example, a diagram has been provided for the previously declared element <book-meta> in order to show a new child element <printer>. Diagrams for elements which may appear in many content models, i.e., the elements <page-start> and <alt-term>, are provided without context.

A diagram for the NCBI Historical DTD’s “top-most” element Book is displayed first. Diagrams for structures unique to the NCBI Historical DTD follow. In these diagrams, child elements defined in either the Book DTD or base Suite are not expanded, so that new historical child elements may be more easily identified; for example, in the <book-meta> diagram discussed earlier, only the <printer> element (and its children) has been expanded. The diagrams are presented in the following order:

Book Structures

The diagrams are screen captures of the NCBI Historical DTD and base Suite modules as displayed by the Near & Far Designer tool. The conventions of the Near & Far format are described in the following section.

Subsidiary sections:

Key to the Near & Far Diagrams

Book Structures