Address/Contact Information


Wrapper element for contact information such as a postal address for a person or organization. The address may include, for example, such elements as <phone>, <fax>, <email>, <uri>, and <country>, etc.

There are many ways to tag an address. An address may be tagged as a series of named address elements including <country>, <email>, <fax>; as a series of address lines <addr-line> which may or may not have other elements such as <country> identified within them.; as a mixture of named elements and address lines, etc.


The address element <email> is allowed as part of a paragraph, as well as inside an address.

Conversion Note: If the address is divided into lines, preserve them using this element. If the address is just a block of undifferentiated text, numbers, or special characters, the entire address may be placed inside one <addr-line> element.


id Identifier

Related Elements

The elements used in an address include the address class elements: <addr-line>, <country>, <fax>, <institution>, and <phone> and the address linking class elements: <email>, <ext-link>, <multi-link>, and <uri>.

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  address      %address-model;                              >


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<contrib> Contributor; <contrib-group> Contributor Group

Tagged Example

<contrib contrib-type="author" rid="IIDR">
<given-names>James C.</given-names>
<aff id="IIDR">
<institution>Institute of Infectious Disease Research
<addr-line>Oberlin, MD 20869</addr-line>
<institution>Kalakukko Corporation</institution>
<addr-line>17 West Jefferson St.</addr-line>
<addr-line>Suite 207</addr-line>
<addr-line>New South Finland, MD 20856</addr-line> 
<country>USA</country><phone>(301) 754-5766</phone>
<fax>(301) 754-5765</fax>