One subject term, critical expression, key phrase, abbreviation, indexing word, etc., that is associated with a book or a book component (e.g., a chapter) and can be used for identification and indexing purposes


Key words are contained in Keyword Group <kwd-group>s, and there may be several sets of keywords, each of which can be identified by language or vocabulary source.

Conversion Note: <kwd>s are not allowed to nest. There are a few DTDs in which keyword nesting is used to simulate a two-part list. Such a keyword list should be tagged as a <def-list> instead.


id Identifier

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  kwd          (#PCDATA %kwd-elements;)*                    >


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<kwd-group> Keyword Group

Tagged Example

<copyright-statement>Copyright &copy; 2000, The National Academy of
<abstract><p>We describe a method for cloning nucleic acid molecules
onto the surfaces of 5-&#x03BC;m microbeads rather than in biological 
hosts. A unique tag sequence is attached to each molecule, and the 
tagged library is amplified. Unique tagging of the molecules is 
achieved by sampling a small fraction (1%) of a very large repertoire 
of tag sequences. ...</p>
<kwd>DNA analysis</kwd>
<kwd>gene expression</kwd>
<kwd>parallel cloning</kwd>
<kwd>fluid microarray</kwd>