Column Separator (OASIS Table Model)


Indicates whether a rule be placed to the right of a column


The official OASIS Exchange CALS Table Model documentation can be found at

Attribute Values

In Elements

<oasis:colspec> Column Specification (OASIS Table Model); <oasis:entry> Table Entry (OASIS Table Model); <oasis:table> Table (OASIS Table Model); <oasis:tgroup> Table Group (OASIS Table Model)
Value Meaning Behavior
0 or 1 (Any value other than 0 is equivalent to 1.) This value is the resolution of the %yesorno; Parameter Entity. Preferred values are “0” and “1”. A processing system should interpret this attribute value as “no column separator” when the value is “0”, and “use column separator” when the value is “1” (or any other value).
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.