Table (OASIS Table Model)


Data presented structurally in rows and columns


Note: The <oasis:table> element is usually just part of what would be called a “table” in print; a full table may include a table title, table footnotes, introductory paragraphs, etc., and is created using the <table-wrap> element.

For purposes of the NLM Archiving and Interchange Tag Sets, the OASIS (CALS) Table Exchange part of the OASIS table model has been over-ridden to remove the <title> element from <oasis:table> because, in the NLM Suite, <title> has been made part of <table-wrap>.

The official OASIS Exchange CALS Table Model documentation can be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/specs/a502.htm


colsep Column Separator (OASIS Table Model)
frame Frame (OASIS Table Model)
id Identifier
rowsep Row Separator (OASIS Table Model)
xmlns:oasis OASIS Namespace Declaration

Related Elements

The row and column tags that describe the table cells are defined by the OASIS (CALS) Table Exchange table model <oasis:table> element. This element is not, in itself, a full table, but only the rows and columns portions of a table. A full table may have other features, such as a title, table footnotes, etc. The <table-wrap> element contains the full table, that is, both rows and columns as well as such features as a title, footnotes, etc.

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT %tbl.table.name; (%tbl.table.mdl;)>


Table Group (OASIS Table Model) <oasis:tgroup>, one or more

This top-level element may not be contained in any other elements.

Tagged Example

<table-wrap id="TN0.170">
<p>Numbers of patients receiving institutional
care at the end of scheduled follow up and
use of hospital beds among those allocated
to day hospital or alternative services</p>

<oasis:tgroup cols="7">
<oasis:colspec colnum="1" colname="col1" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="2" colname="col2" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="3" colname="col3" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="4" colname="col4" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="5" colname="col5" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="6" colname="col6" align="center" colsep="1"/>
<oasis:colspec colnum="7" colname="col7" align="char" 
charoff="30" char="." colsep="1"/>
<oasis:entry namest="2" nameend="4" align="center"
morerows="1">Institutional care</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry namest="6" nameend="7" align="center"
morerows="1">&#x2003;Bed use (days)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry namest="col3" nameend="col5"><hr/></oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry  namest="col6" nameend="col7"><hr/></oasis:entry>
<oasis:row><oasis:entry>Control group</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">Day hospital</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">Control</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">Odds ratio (95&#x0025; CI)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">Day hospital</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">Control</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry namest="1" nameend="7"><hr/></oasis:entry></oasis:row>
<oasis:entry>Comprehensive care (5 trials)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">151/597<xref ref-type="table-fn"
<oasis:entry align="center">159/584</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">0.91 (0.70 to 1.19)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">20.5</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="char" char="." charoff="30">21.4</oasis:entry></oasis:row>
<oasis:entry>Domiciliary care (4 trials)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">20/216</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">&#x2002;19/227</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">1.61 (0.30 to 8.55)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">&#x2002;7.7</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="char" char="." charoff="30">11.1</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry>No comprehensive care (3 trials)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">37/411</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">&#x2002;66/403</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">0.50<xref ref-type="table-fn"
rid="TF1-151"></xref> (0.26 to 0.96)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">11.2</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="char" char="." charoff="30">11.7</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">208/1224</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">244/1214</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">0.77 (0.52 to 1.13)</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="center">15.0</oasis:entry>
<oasis:entry align="char" char="." charoff="30">16.4</oasis:entry>
<fn id="TF1-150"><p>Data not available for 1 trial.</p>
<fn id="TF1-151"><p>P&#x003C;0.05 (random effects