Publication Identifier for a Cited Publication


The identifier of a publication, such as a related journal article, that may be part of a bibliographic reference (<citation> or <nlm-citation>) inside an article’s Reference List (Bibliographic Reference List) (<ref-list>).


For extensive examples of formatted <nlm-citation>s including use of <pub-id>s in <nlm-citation>s, see: Sample PubMed Central Citations. To see tagged versions of these examples, see: Sample PubMed Central Citations - XML Tagged.

The pub-id-type attribute is used either to identify the type of identifier, or to name the authority, organization, or system that defined this identifier. Valid Types include: coden, DOI, medline, pii, the publisher, etc.


pub-id-type Type of Publication Identifier

Model Description

Text, numbers, or special characters.

Tagged Example

<ref id="B8">
<article-title>Effects and costs of day-care services
for the chronically ill: a randomized
<source>Medical Care</source>
<pub-id pub-id-type="pmid">6772889</pub-id>