Change Report: Version 3.0

Change Report

This chapter lists the changes made to the Article Authoring Tag Set and to the entire Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite. This report contains two main sections:

Version 3.0 is Different

Version 3.0 of these Tag Sets is a departure from all previous releases. All prior versions of the Tag Sets have been document-backward compatible, meaning that, although the Tag Sets have been modified several times, a document that was valid to one version of the tag sets was valid in all subsequent versions. All new elements and structures have, in previous versions, been made optional so there was never a need to modify the backfile to be conformant to the latest Tag Set. In Version 3.0 for the first time, changes have been made that render documents that were valid to a prior version invalid to 3.0. The idea was to make the Tag Sets as logical, internally consistent, and complete as possible going forward. Therefore, users of previous versions, if they choose to accept and integrate Version 3.0, will require changes to the backfile to make it compliant or a before-3.0-and-after-3-0 divergence in their repository. The decision to update to Version 3.0 is left up to each publisher and archive.

The type of changes that cause a document valid according to a previous version to be invalid in Version 3.0 include:

Subsidiary sections:

Changes by Element

Technical Change Report