Object Identifier


Used to record an identifier, such as a DOI, for elements other than the top-level element <book> (or <collection> respectively), for example, for the elements <abstract> or <fig>


Such an identifier may be created by a publisher or archive, and there is no requirement that identifiers be unique.

Design Note: An element, rather than an attribute, was chosen as the means to capture DOIs and other identifiers so multiple identifiers could be retained.


pub-id-type Type of Publication Identifier

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  object-id    (#PCDATA)                                    >


Text, numbers, or special characters

This element may be contained in:

<abstract> Abstract; <boxed-text> Boxed Text; <chem-struct-wrapper> Chemical Structure Wrapper; <citation> Citation; <fig> Figure; <graphic> Graphic; <media> Media Object; <preformat> Preformatted Text; <related-article> Related Article Information; <related-object> Related Object Information; <supplementary-material> Supplementary Material; <table-wrap> Table Wrapper

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