Copyright Holder


Name of the organizational or personal entity that holds a copyright


The copyright holder is typically identified within the copyright statement, as this statement is expected to be displayed. The copyright holder name may also be repeated in this element for purposes of searching and metadata extraction.

Best practice is to use the <copyright-statement> and <copyright-year> elements only within the container element <permissions>. The <copyright-statement> and <copyright-year> elements are allowed outside the permissions wrapper only for reasons of backwards compatibility.

Related Elements

There are three copyright elements which may be contained in the <permissions> wrapper:

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  copyright-holder
                        (#PCDATA %copyright-holder-elements;)*       >


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<permissions> Permissions

Tagged Example

<book-title><italic>C. ELEGANS</italic> II
<publisher-name>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press</publisher-name>
<publisher-loc>Plainview, NY</publisher-loc>
<copyright-statement>&copy; 1997 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 
<copyright-holder>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press</copyright-holder>