Copyright Year


The year of a copyright of the book


Since the <copyright-statement> element is intended for display, this element’s contents may not be displayed (but will be available for searching). The <copyright-year> element need not be used, if having the year as part of the Copyright Statement (see <copyright-statement>) is sufficient.

Best practice is to use the <copyright-statement> and <copyright-year> elements only within the container element <permissions>. The <copyright-statement> and <copyright-year> elements are allowed outside the permissions wrapper only for reasons of backwards compatibility.

The tag set includes several date elements. For the date of publication of a book (metadata) use the element Publication Date <pub-date>. For the copyright date of a book (metadata) use the copyright year element <copyright-year>. The <date> element is be used for dates concerning a book or book component (e.g., a chapter) publication history such as the date last updated (also metadata). For the publication date of a cited work in a bibliographic reference <citation>, use the individual elements <month>, <day>, and <year>. If no month or month/day construction is given within a <citation>, and the only date is a season or a textual form of the date, such as “Third Quarter”, use the <season> element inside the <citation> element.

Related Elements

There are three copyright elements which may be contained in the <permissions> wrapper:

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  copyright-year
                        (#PCDATA)                                    >


Text, numbers, or special characters

This element may be contained in:

<book-meta> Book Metadata; <book-part-meta> Book Part Metadata; <permissions> Permissions

Tagged Example

<book-title><italic>C. ELEGANS</italic> II
<publisher-name>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press</publisher-name>
<publisher-loc>Plainview, NY</publisher-loc>
<copyright-statement>&copy; 1997 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 
<copyright-holder>Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press</copyright-holder>