Appendix Matter


Wrapper element for one or more appendices (<app> elements), which hold additional or ancillary material attached to an book


As set up in the NCBI Book DTD, the <app-group> element can contain both appendices and interspersed bibliographic reference lists, because some older NCBI Book DTDs make use of this model.

This element is the same as the Appendix Matter <appm> element used in AAP- and ISO 12080-derivative DTDs.

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  app-group    %app-group-model;                            >


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<back> Back Matter

Tagged Example

<app id="bid.301">
<title>Appendix 1. TAXON nametypes.</title>
<sec id="bid.302">
<title>Scientific Name</title>
<p>Every node in the database is required to have ...</p>
<app id="bid.317">
<title>Appendix 2. Functional classes of TAXON scientific names.</title>
<app id="bid.331">
<title>Appendix 3. Other TAXON data types.</title>