Math (MathML 2.0 DTD)


The top-level element for math tagged according to the MathML DTD. See documentation for the Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) 2.0 DTD.


alternate-form-of Alternate Form of Graphic, Media Object, Etc.
altimg Alternate Image (MathML 2.0 DTD)
alttext Alternate Text (MathML 2.0 DTD)
baseline Baseline (MathML 2.0 DTD)
class Class (MathML 2.0 DTD)
display Display (MathML 2.0 DTD)
height Height (MathML 2.0 DTD)
id Identifier
macros Macros (MathML 2.0 DTD)
mode Mode (MathML 2.0 DTD)
name Name
other Other (MathML 2.0 DTD)
overflow Overflow (MathML 2.0 DTD)
style Style (MathML 2.0 DTD)
type Type (MathML 2.0 DTD)
width Width (XHTML table model; MathML 2.0 DTD)
xlink:href Href (Linking Mechanism)
xlink:type Type of Link
xmlns:mml MathML Namespace Declaration
xref Cross Reference (MathML 2.0 DTD)
xsi:schemaLocation Schema Location (MathML 2.0 DTD)

Model Information

Content Model

See MathML documentation.


See documentation for MathML 2.0 DTD.

This element may be contained in:

<abstract> Abstract; <ack> Acknowledgments; <alt-title> Alternate Title; <app> Appendix; <app-group> Appendix Matter; <article-title> Article Title; <attrib> Attribution; <body> Body of the Book; <bold> Bold; <book-title> Book Title; <boxed-text> Boxed Text; <chem-struct> Chemical Structure (Display); <collection-name> Collection Name; <comment> Comment in a Citation; <def-head> Definition List: Definition Head; <disp-formula> Formula, Display; <disp-quote> Quote, Displayed; <gloss-group> Glossary Group; <glossary> Glossary Elements List; <inline-formula> Formula, Inline; <italic> Italic; <meta-name> Metadata Data Name for Custom Metadata; <meta-value> Metadata Data Value for Custom Metadata; <monospace> Monospace Text (Typewriter Text); <named-content> Named Special (Subject) Content; <notes> Notes; <overline> Overline; <p> Paragraph; <ref-list> Reference List (Bibliographic); <sc> Small Caps; <sec> Section; <strike> Strike Through; <sub> Subscript; <subtitle> Subtitle; <sup> Superscript; <td> Table Data Cell (XHTML table model); <term> Definition List: Term; <term-head> Definition List: Term Head; <th> Table Header Cell (XHTML table model); <title> Title; <trans-abstract> Translated Abstract; <trans-subtitle> Translated Subtitle; <trans-title> Translated Title; <underline> Underline

Tagged Example

<p>EM4 cells, stably transfected with Flag-HA-DAT, Myc-His-DAT,
or both, were reacted with cross-linker and solubilized in Triton X-100
as above. There is no reason to have this formula, 
</inline-formula> here. Five microliters of anti-Myc 9E10 (Santa Cruz 
Biotechnology) was added to 0.2 ml of Triton X-100 extracts, and the 
mixture was incubated for 1 h at 4&#x00B0;C. Twenty microliters of 
rec-protein G Sepharose (Zymed) was added, and the mixture was incubated 
for 1 h at 4&#x00B0;C, washed three times in 0.5 ml of lysis buffer, 
and eluted in 45 &#x03BC;l of 2&#x00D7; Laemmli sample buffer without 
reducing agent.</p>