Metadata container element to hold all the “counts”, that is, how many of something appear in a book (or book component such as a chapter), for example, the number of figures, tables, equations, words, etc.


Many elements in the base Suite were created explicitly for import conversion, that is, so that the intellectual work of tagging done by publishers would not be discarded when they converted material from another tag set to the Book Tag Sets. The count elements are a perfect example of this rationale; they are conversion elements and should only be tagged if present in the original source.

Related Elements

Inside the <counts> container element are the counts of various components of the book: the <fig-count> is the number of figures, the <table-count> is the number of tables, the <equation-count> is the number of equations, the <ref-count> is either the number of references or (more properly) the number of citations in the bibliographic reference list, the <page-count> is the page count, and the <word-count> is the number of words in the book.

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  counts       %counts-model;                               >

Expanded Content Model

(fig-count?, table-count?, equation-count?, ref-count?, page-count?, word-count?)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<book-meta>, <book-part-meta>


<book-id pub-id-type="other">handbook</book-id>
<book-title>The NCBI Handbook</book-title>
<fig-count count="98"/>
<table-count count="40"/>
<equation-count count="0"/>
<ref-count count="115"/>
<page-count count="532"/>
<word-count count="149852"/>