Book Part Metadata

Container element for the metadata that is specific to the large-scale components that comprise the body of a book, such as a chapter, unit, or module (all called <book-part>s)

Related Elements

The <book-meta> element is used for metadata relevant to an entire book, whereas the <book-part-meta> element is used for metadata concerning a book component such as a chapter or part.

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  book-part-meta  
                        %book-part-meta-model;                       >

Expanded Content Model

(book-part-categories?, title-group, 
(contrib-group | aff)*, 
author-notes?, pub-date*, volume?, volume-id?, issue?, 
((fpage, lpage?) | elocation-id)?, 
(supplementary-material)*, history?, permissions?, self-uri*, 
alternate-form*, abstract*, trans-abstract*, kwd-group*, counts?, 
(email | ext-link | multi-link | uri | custom-meta-group | notes)*)


The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:



<book-part id="bid.2" book-part-type="chapter" book-part-number="1">
<title>GenBank: The Nucleotide Sequence Database</title>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<date date-type="created">
<date date-type="updated">
<sec id="bid.3">...</sec>