Chemical Structure (Display)


A chemical expression, reaction, equation, etc. that is set apart within the text


The model for this element will allow a chemical reaction to be expressed as: just text with emphasis tags, a graphic, etc. Alternatively, if the reaction cannot be expressed in a simple fashion, the linking attributes may be used to point to an external source such as a URI.

Conversion Note: Accessibility elements (such as <long-desc>) should not be used with this element if they can be used as part of the containing Chemical Structure Wrapper <chem-struct-wrapper> element. Accessibility elements are allowed within this element only to handle the case in which a single <chem-struct-wrapper> wrapper element contains more than one Chemical Structure (Display) <chem-struct> within it.

Design Note: The decision was made not to add CML or other formal chemical markup languages to this version of the DTD. Some equations can be marked up in MathML; others are just ASCII expressions with subscripts, superscripts, and special characters. The list class elements can be used to express the Elsevier DTD <compound-info> element. If CML is added, it will go within this <chem-struct> element.

Display Note: A chemical structure is assumed to be anchored at its position within the text.


alternate-form-of Alternate Form of Graphic, Media Object, Etc.
content-type Type of Content
id Identifier
xlink:actuate Actuating the Link
xlink:href Href (Linking Mechanism)
xlink:role Role of the Link
xlink:show Showing the Link
xlink:title Title of the Link
xlink:type Type of Link
xmlns:xlink XLink Namespace Declaration

Related Elements

The expression of a chemical reaction or other chemical structure goes inside the <chem-struct> element. The related element <chem-struct-wrapper> is an outer wrapper that may hold, for example, both a chemical reaction and its caption or three related chemical expressions.

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  chem-struct  %chem-struct-model;                          >


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<app> Appendix; <app-group> Appendix Matter; <body> Body of the Article; <boxed-text> Boxed Text; <chem-struct> Chemical Structure (Display); <chem-struct-wrapper> Chemical Structure Wrapper; <disp-formula> Formula, Display; <disp-quote> Quote, Displayed; <fig> Figure; <gloss-group> Glossary Group; <glossary> Glossary Elements List; <named-content> Named Special (Subject) Content; <notes> Notes; <p> Paragraph; <ref-list> Reference List (Bibliographic Reference List); <sec> Section; <supplementary-material> Supplementary Material; <table-wrap> Table Wrapper; <td> Table Data Cell (XHTML table model); <term> Definition List: Term; <th> Table Header Cell (XHTML table model)

Tagged Example

No sample is available at this time, as this element is rare
in STM journal publishing, being more commonly used in STM books.