Name of a institution or organization, such as a university or corporation, that is the affiliation for a contributor such as an author or an editor


All levels of a multi-tier organization are listed within a single <aff> element, for example, a program, a department, and a university may be part of the same <aff>. Similarly both a division and a corporation would be inside one <aff>.

Conversion Note: In a typical case, the id attribute of an <aff> element will be pointed to from one or more Contributor <contrib> elements, establishing the linkage between them.

Conversion Note: Even if the explicitly tagged numbers or symbols for author linkages are preserved during conversion, the linkage from a contributor to an affiliation should be made using the ID/IDREF mechanism during the conversion. The ID/IDREF should be created even if the mechanism must be inserted.


id Identifier
rid Reference to an Identifier

Model Information

Content Model

<!ELEMENT  aff          (#PCDATA %aff-elements;)*                    >


Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<article-meta> Article Metadata; <contrib> Contributor; <contrib-group> Contributor Group; <person-group> Person Group for a Cited Publication

Tagged Example

<article-id pub-id-type="pmid">...</article-id>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<given-names>Anne Williams</given-names>
<role>research physiotherapist</role>
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="StLukes"/>
<contrib contrib-type="author">
<given-names>John G.</given-names></name>
<role>consultant physician</role>
<xref ref-type="aff" rid="RoyalInf"/>
<author-comment><p>on behalf of the Day Hospital 
<aff id="StLukes">
<sup><italic>a</italic></sup>Department of Health Care
for the Elderly, St Luke&#x2019;s Hospital, Bradford BD5 
<aff id="RoyalInf">
<sup><italic>b</italic></sup>Academic Section
of Geriatric Medicine, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow 
G4 0SF</aff>
<pub-date pub-type="pub">...</pub-date>