A container element for notes that may appear at the end of an Article or a Table (XHTML table model)


A typical end-of-article note is a “Note in Proof”. A Note in Proof contains late-breaking news items or other material produced while the article was being typeset or was otherwise in production, that therefore happened too late to be included in the text of the article. This is typically NOT peer-reviewed content, and citations to other material within such content are usually integrated into the text or put inside the last paragraph, not listed separately in a bibliographic reference list <ref-list>.


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notes-type Type of Notes

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Tagged Example

<sec><title>Note Added in Proof</title>
<p>Similar sequence information has been obtained in another study (S. Mishiro,
personal communication) and has been deposited under GenBank accession numbers
&#x2013;. For the purposes of HBV nomenclature, we have proposed that the
chimpanzee HBV be abbreviated as ChHBV.</p>
<fn><p>Data deposition: The sequences reported in 
this paper have been deposited in the GenBank 
database (accession nos.&#x2013;).</p>