Tag to Element Index

<abbrev> Abbreviation or Acronym
<abbrev-journal-title> Abbreviated Journal Title
<abstract> Abstract
<access-date> Access Date for Cited Work
<ack> Acknowledgments
<addr-line> Address Line
<address> Address/Contact Information
<aff> Affiliation
<alt-text> Alternate Text Name (For a Figure, Etc.)
<alt-title> Alternate Title
<annotation> Annotation in a Citation
<app> Appendix
<app-group> Appendix Group
<array> Array (Simple Tabular Array)
<article> Article
<article-categories> Article Categories
<article-id> Article Identifier
<article-meta> Article Metadata
<article-title> Article Title
<attrib> Attribution
<author-comment> Author Comment
<author-notes> Author Note Group
<back> Back Matter
<bio> Biography
<body> Body of the Article
<bold> Bold
<boxed-text> Boxed Text
<break> Line Break
<caption> Caption of a Figure, Table, Etc.
<chem-struct> Chemical Structure (Display)
<chem-struct-wrapper> Chemical Structure Wrapper
<citation> Citation
<col> Table Column (XHTML table model)
<colgroup> Table Column Group (XHTML table model)
<collab> Collaborative (Group) Author
<comment> Comment in a Citation
<conf-acronym> Conference Acronym
<conf-date> Conference Date
<conf-loc> Conference Location
<conf-name> Conference Name
<conf-num> Conference Number
<conf-sponsor> Conference Sponsor
<conf-theme> Conference Theme
<conference> Conference Information
<contract-num> Contract/Grant Number
<contract-sponsor> Contract/Grant Sponsor
<contrib> Contributor
<contrib-group> Contributor Group
<copyright-holder> Copyright Holder
<copyright-statement> Copyright Statement
<copyright-year> Copyright Year
<corresp> Correspondence Information
<country> Country: in an Address
<counts> Counts
<custom-meta> Custom Metadata
<custom-meta-wrap> Metadata Data Name for Custom Metadata
<date> Date
<day> Day
<def> Definition List: Definition
<def-head> Definition List: Definition Head
<def-item> Definition List: Definition Item
<def-list> Definition List
<degrees> Degree(s)
<disp-formula> Formula, Display
<disp-quote> Quote, Displayed
<edition> Edition, Cited
<elocation-id> Electronic Location Identifier
<email> Email Address
<equation-count> Equation Count
<etal> Et Al.
<ext-link> External Link
<fax> Fax Number: in an Address
<fig> Figure
<fig-count> Figure Count
<fig-group> Figure Group
<fn> Footnote
<fn-group> Footnote Group
<font> Font
<fpage> First Page
<front> Front Matter
<front-stub> Stub Front Metadata
<given-names> Given (First) Names
<gloss-group> Glossary Group
<glossary> Glossary Elements List
<glyph-data> Glyph Data for a Private Character
<glyph-ref> Glyph Reference for a Private Character
<gov> Government Report, Cited
<graphic> Graphic
<history> History: Document History
<hr> Horizontal Rule
<inline-formula> Formula, Inline
<inline-graphic> Graphic, Inline
<inline-supplementary-material> Inline Supplementary Material
<institution> Institution Name: in an Address
<isbn> ISBN
<issn> ISSN
<issue> Issue Number
<issue-id> Issue Identifier
<issue-title> Issue Title
<italic> Italic
<journal-id> Journal Identifier
<journal-meta> Journal Metadata
<journal-subtitle> Journal Subtitle (Full)
<journal-title> Journal Title (Full)
<kwd> Keyword
<kwd-group> Keyword Group
<label> Label (of a Figure, Reference, Etc.)
<license> License Information
<list> List
<list-item> List Item
<long-desc> Long Description
<lpage> Last Page
<media> Media Object
<meta-name> Metadata Data Name for Custom Metadata
<meta-value> Metadata Data Value for Custom Metadata
<mml:math> Math (MathML 2.0 DTD)
<monospace> Monospace Text (Typewriter Text)
<month> Month
<name> Name of Person
<named-content> Named Special (Subject) Content
<note> Note in a Reference List
<notes> Notes
<object-id> Object Identifier
<on-behalf-of> On Behalf of
<overline> Overline
<overline-end> Overline End
<overline-start> Overline Start
<p> Paragraph
<page-count> Page Count
<page-range> Page Ranges
<patent> Patent Number, Cited
<permissions> Permissions
<person-group> Person Group for a Cited Publication
<phone> Phone Number: in an Address
<prefix> Prefix
<preformat> Preformatted Text
<price> Price
<private-char> Private Character (Custom or Unicode)
<product> Product Information
<pub-date> Publication Date
<pub-id> Publication Identifier for a Cited Publication
<publisher> Publisher
<publisher-loc> Publisher’s Location
<publisher-name> Publisher’s Name
<ref> Reference Item
<ref-count> Reference Count
<ref-list> Reference List (Bibliographic)
<related-article> Related Article Information
<response> Response
<role> Role or Function Title of Contributor
<sc> Small Caps
<season> Season
<sec> Section
<sec-meta> Section Metadata
<self-uri> URI for This Same Article Online
<series> Series
<series-text> Series Text: Header Text to Describe
<series-title> Series Title
<sig> Signature
<sig-block> Signature Block
<source> Source
<speaker> Speaker
<speech> Speech
<statement> Statement, Formal
<std> Standard, Cited
<strike> Strike Through
<string-date> Date as a String
<string-name> Name of Person (Unstructured)
<sub> Subscript
<sub-article> Sub-article
<subj-group> Subject Group
<subject> Subject Grouping Name
<subtitle> Article Subtitle
<suffix> Suffix
<sup> Superscript
<supplement> Supplement Information
<supplementary-material> Supplementary Material
<surname> Surname
<table> Table (XHTML table model)
<table-count> Table Count
<table-wrap> Table Wrapper
<table-wrap-foot> Table Wrapper Footer
<table-wrap-group> Table Wrapper Group
<target> Target of an Internal Link
<tbody> Table Body (XHTML table model)
<td> Table Data Cell (XHTML table model)
<term> Definition List: Term
<term-head> Definition List: Term Head
<tex-math> Tex Math Equation
<tfoot> Table Footer (XHTML table model)
<th> Table Header Cell (XHTML table model)
<thead> Table Header (XHTML table model)
<time-stamp> Time Stamp for Cited Work
<title> Title
<title-group> Title Group
<tr> Table Row (XHTML table model)
<trans-abstract> Translated Abstract
<trans-source> Translated Source
<trans-subtitle> Translated Subtitle
<trans-title> Translated Title
<underline> Underline
<underline-end> Underline End
<underline-start> Underline Start
<uri> Uniform Resource Indicator (URI)
<verse-group> Verse Form for Poetry
<verse-line> Line of a Verse
<volume> Volume Number
<volume-id> Volume Identifier
<word-count> Word Count
<x> X - Generated Text and Punctuation
<xref> X(cross) Reference
<year> Year